"FANTASTIC! This group is fantastic. I live in Minneapolis and I have heard this group. 'California' and 'Life Force' are awesome tunes. The entire CD ('Life Force'; first release) is great. If the right person hears these guys, they will be on tour soon. Kind of like a cross between Dylan and Clapton. Great lyrics and guitar work." 
- Greg Harchysen, Mpls Music Critic 

"I am the Rock Music Director at a college radio station in Claremore, OK. We're always looking for new indie artists to highlight and promote on our station. I recently listened to a few tracks at and I liked what I heard." 
- Rick W. Gray; Rock Music Director, 91.3 FM 

"Dear Steve and Blue Sage: 
On behalf of Engine 15, Ladder 18 and the NYC Fire Department, we want to thank you for continuing to remember us since the tragedy that befell our nation on September 11, 2001. We enjoyed your music, which was very appropriate and inspiring. Thanks to people like yourself, we are able to smile more and more. We truly appreciate your love and support. May God bless you and our great country." 
- Rocky Raimondi, FDNY Engine 15 

"Hi Blue Sage- 
Many thanks for sending me copies of both your CD's and the T-shirt, which I wear every week and everybody asks me who is that band. As for the albums, I have had both as my featured albums which I play a track every hour. Tuesday Sept 10 I am playing 'The Fireman' just after I play 'New York Minute' from the Eagles, as my tribute for 911. I have had both CD's in my car for three weeks and only take them out to play on the radio. I never tire of them; I will keep plugging away and mention your email address as well as that of CDbaby each time I play them. Best of luck with your careers- you deserve to make it big with all that talent and if you come to the UK let me know and I will plug the dates on the radio" 
- Chris Edwards STAR 107.1 UK 

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