1. Real Love

From the recordings LIFE FORCE and Life Force

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This song is about a real love that people all want.


Words & music by:
Steve Davis
© 2018
Sister I know you
And I know Where you’ve been
And I know how you’ve longed
To feel the love deep within
And I know you wonder just what to say
And you dream of love that might take you away

You dream of a real love
Dream of a real love yeah
Dream of a real love babe
Dream of a real love yeah

Now from a distance I can see your door
But no-one seems to live there no more
And I get the feeling and I know that it’s true
That I need the love just like you

So give me that real love
Give me some of that real love yeah
Give me some of that real love yeah
Some kinds of love are easy to find
But to find the real love girl just take’s time

Now go to any city or any town
Just go anywhere and ask around
And I know for sure you’ll find someone
Who’s sittin’ back dreamin’ of real love