1. Into the night

From the recordings LIFE FORCE and Life Force

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About us as human beings, having done some things that we knew were wrong and how we have corrupted the world.


Words & music by: Steve Davis

Into the Night

There was a friend I knew who lived out on the edge
And when he looked into his life this is what he said
In this moment of living friend in this moment of time
Will we all be forgiven? If we’ve stepped out of line

For I just want to run away
I just want to run away
Into the night yeah

Ever since we chose this path i’ve been wanting to ask
Is there any way out of here or any way going back
To the freedom of innocence to the freedom of love
Look at how the world’s changed After all that we’ve done


Into the night, into the night
Into the night yeah

Is this the point of no return if it’s the way it’s to be
Hold me close within your heart and say a prayer for me
For this could happen to any one you know it’s all what you do
So many times it seems in life you end up the fool


Into the night, into the night
Into the night.