From the recording Just the way it is

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Just the way it is Words & Music By;
Steven C. Davis

Look into the winds of change and tell me what you see
When you see the future tell me what we’ve come to be
You know most rather be somebody then who they really are
Trying to live up to expectations just to hard
And there s a day everybody dreams about being some kind of star
But know body really knows just who they are

Just the way it is Just the way it is

Now somebody I know and some people I’ve come to meet
You know at first seem to be so kind and so sweet
And after you know them and things seem find
You see that you’ve been stabbed from behind
You feel like a fool how could you ever be so blind
But girl it seems to happen all of the time

It’s just the way it is Just the way it is

You know looking at the world everybody thinks this all we can get
So some will lie and cheat with no regrets but when you die it just ain’t over yet
For there comes a time you must Pay your debts

It’s just the way it is Just the way it is

Look all around you don’t you see the world going bye
And there’s a day everybody sits and wonders why
Everybody searching for something but some don’t know what it is
Why others just say it just doesn’t exist but girl there’s a place of joy and bliss
But you gotta have the key if you wanna get in

It’s just the way it is Just the way it is my my